Friday, August 17, 2012

M74 a Grand Design Galaxy

M 74
5x2 min expousres binned 2x2 @ f/10 12" SCT
© Billy Vazquez
M74 is a beautiful galaxy on the constellation Pisces.  The image presented here was taken at VAO in the morning of August 16th.   They are 5x2 min exposures binned 2x2 on Johnson R filter at f/10 on the 12" SCT.   FWHM for the night averaged 2.7".  Bradon Doyle generated interest in this galaxy and we collaborated to obtain this image for scientific research.  The image was colorized in GIMP but no streching or other post-processing effects were added.  The image was callibrated with darks and flat fields.   The image was taken on a cooled KAF8300 CCD cooled to -10 degrees Celsius.

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